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Restorative Dentistry in Issaquah, WA

Restore Your Smile

When you need to repair a tooth, turn to the Issaquah professionals at Eastside Family Dentistry. Our restorative dentistry team can help you by thoroughly examining your teeth and recommending the best way to proceed with treatment. If you would like to improve the overall function and appearance of your teeth, please call us today and schedule your restorative dentistry appointment.

Restorative Dental Services

Missing teeth lead to physical and emotional discomfort by affecting chewing, speech, and one's self-esteem. When teeth are missing, the adjacent and opposing teeth drift, affecting your bite. Without teeth the sinus floor collapses and the bone resorbs, leading to a change in your physical appearance.

If you need to replace a single or multiple teeth and would like to do so with a permanent method, ask Dr. Cristescu about dental implants. Our periodontist, Dr. Chiulli, can place implants in a single appointment right here in our practice. During this restorative dentistry procedure, a small titanium screw is placed deep into the jaw bone to create an artificial tooth root. Once the bone and implant have successfully fused, an esthetic and well-functioning crown is placed over your implant. Call us today to learn more about this restorative dentistry service. You have the choice to schedule an appointment in our practice with Dr. Chiulli or be referred to one of our trusted specialists in the community.

For a tried-and-true way to replenish your smile, Dr. Cristescu can measure your mouth and plan the creation of your dentures or partial. Dentures replenish every tooth in your upper gums, lower gums, or even throughout your whole mouth. To improve the stability of a denture, implants can be used to anchor the denture. A partial denture is a removable appliance that rests on your remaining teeth and gums and replaces your missing teeth. Speak to our team today to discover if this reliable method is for you.

Do you have a persistent toothache? If the nerve inside of your tooth is infected, you may need to have root canal therapy. During this restorative dentistry procedure, Dr. Cristescu will go into the infected tooth, remove the nerve, disinfect the canals of destructive bacteria, and seal the area off with a permanent filling or a dental crown in order to prevent other germs from contaminating the area. We can help heal your smile with this technique!

Molar teeth that need root canal therapy will be referred out to Issaquah Endodontics where Dr. Gabel and his staff will get you out of pain in a fast, gentle, and comfortable manner.

If your tooth cannot be saved as a result of gum disease, failing root canal, or fractured root, Dr. Cristescu will extract your tooth and prepare the site for implant placement with a bone graft.

We practice metal-free dentistry. This practice allows us to rebuild your bite in a realistic looking manner, as well as keeps any harmful materials from taking root in your smile. With advances in dental materials, we believe that chemically bonding a resin white filling to replace missing tooth structure restores your tooth, making it strong and esthetically pleasing. If you would like to learn more about this philosophy, please contact our office today.

We routinely use a rubber dam or isolite system to prevent contamination and prolong the life of your dental work.

There are many ways to rejuvenate your smile if you are affected by dental decay. Dr. Cristescu will conduct a thorough examination. If any dental needs are found the Dr. will discuss the treatment options available to you, and together you will decide the best route of treatment. From white composite fillings to crowns and implants; we provide a treatment plan to meet you specific individual needs. Our Issaquah practice, Eastside Family Dentistry, is ready to help you regain your healthy smile.

Call us to schedule your restorative dentistry consultation today. We routinely care for patients in Issaquah, Sammamish, Bellevue, Seattle, Redmond, and the surrounding Washington areas. If this will be your first time in the care of the Eastside Family Dentistry team, please take a brief moment to review the information on our new patient page.

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