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Root Canal Therapy in Issaquah, WA

Our Endodontic Dentist Providing Toothache Treatment

Do you have a persistent toothache? If the same tooth is in pain day after day, you will want to come to our practice to have it examined as soon as you can. This is especially necessary if you cannot see the source of the pain. In these cases, it’s most likely that you will need to have root canal therapy to fix the problem and eliminate the pain. Contact us as soon as possible to arrange an examination and possible root canal at our Issaquah office.

With any type of pain, your body is alerting you to something that is wrong. When a tooth is aching, bacteria have worked their way deep into the tooth and are deteriorating it from the inside out. The pain begins when the germs have reached the precious nerve which each tooth contains. If the destruction has progressed far enough, we’ll need to extract it, but if not, we’ll use root canal therapy.

During root canal therapy, Dr. Cristescu will clean out the tooth where the bacteria are doing their damage. She’ll remove the germs and then fill the area to prevent any contaminant from reentering. In some cases, it will be necessary to place a dental crown to fully repair the tooth. We’ll take every necessary precaution to prevent extraction.

Molars that need a root canal will be referred to Issaquah Endodontics, where Dr. Gable and his staff will take care of you in the most gentle and comfortable way. You may contact them at (425) 427-1120 or online at www.issaquahendodontics.com.

Please call us today to schedule your appointment at Eastside Family Dentistry. We regularly treat patients with root canal therapy from Issaquah, Seattle, Redmond, Sammamish, Bellevue, and the surrounding Washington towns. Don’t hesitate to come to us immediately if you are experiencing dental pain. We’ll be happy to serve your needs courteously and quickly with our quality care.

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