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How Are Temporary Dental Crowns Removed? Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’ve already had your tooth prepared for a dental crown at Eastside Family Dentistry and are wearing a temporary resin crown, or you think you may need a crown and you’re wondering how temporary dental crowns work, we’re here to help. Let’s discuss temporary crown removal, care for temporary crowns, and other things you should know about the dental crown process in Issaquah. 

How Will My Temporary Crown Be Removed?

Dr. Cristescu will simply use a special dental tool that fits underneath the edge of the crown to loosen it and break the adhesive bond that holds it onto your tooth. Removing a crown takes less than a minute, in most cases.

Then, after your crown is removed, the tooth needs to be cleaned to remove any remaining adhesive and prepare for the placement of your permanent crown. Once this is done, your permanent crown will be checked to make sure it fits, and then bonded into place using a much stronger dental cement, completing the procedure.

How Long Will I Keep My Temporary Crown?

You will wear your temporary crown for about 2-3 weeks, in most cases. This resin crown will be attached by Dr. Cristescu after your first appointment at our office, and will protect your tooth until your final crown arrives.

Since your permanent crown must be made by an outside dental lab, it can take up to 2-3 weeks to send the information to the lab, build the crown, and have it sent back to Eastside Family Dentistry. Your crown will be removed once you come back to get your permanent crown. 

Why Do I Need A Temporary Crown?

Because during the crown preparation process, up to 80% of your natural tooth material must be removed. This is done to remove any damaged enamel, expose fresh enamel that will bond with dental cement more effectively, and to ensure that the new crown has a stable, solid platform to which it can be attached.

However, this does weaken the tooth significantly. While the tooth will be just as strong as a natural tooth once it’s permanently treated with a crown it must be protected until this crown can be placed. A resin crown is used as a short-term solution to protect the tooth and preserve the appearance and function of your smile. 

How Should I Care For My Temporary Crown?

You can brush around your temporary crown normally, but be gentle to avoid damaging the crown. You should also be careful when flossing. Rather than pulling the floss up and out from between your teeth, you should slide the floss outward once you’ve finished flossing around your crown.

You also should avoid eating very tough, chewy, gummy, sticky, or hard foods on the side of your mouth with a temporary crown. These can weaken and dislodge the crown. 

Need A Crown? Contact Eastside Family Dentistry Today!

At Eastside Family Dentistry, Dr. Cristescu is always here to help you restore damaged teeth with dental crowns. If you believe you may need a crown in Issaquah, contact us online or give us a call at (425) 391-9200 to schedule an appointment today.

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