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How Should I Handle A Loose Tooth? Our Tips For Saving Your Tooth

Loose teeth are normal for children with baby teeth, but are a serious cause for concern in adults. Adult teeth usually become loose after an oral injury damages the tooth or underlying tissue, or when periodontal (gum) disease begins to damage the gums around the tooth.

So, what should you do if you think you’ve got a loose adult tooth? Here are a few tips from Eastside Family Dentistry. Read on, and make sure you can preserve your tooth.

Start By Scheduling An Emergency Dentist Appointment

You can’t solve this issue on your own. You need a dentist in Issaquah to treat, restore, and save your tooth. So schedule an emergency dentist appointment at Eastside Family Dentistry today.

Dr. Cristescu is always here to help with dental emergencies, and a loose tooth is a serious dental emergency. In most cases, we can provide you with a same-day appointment to treat your loose tooth. Call now at (425) 391-9200 to tell us about your situation and get help.

Don’t Move Your Tooth Or Mess Around With It

It may be tempting to wiggle the tooth to see how loose it is, or you may find yourself playing with it using your tongue. Do your best to avoid this! Moving or wiggling your tooth will only cause further damage, and could even cause the tooth to fall out completely.

Avoid Chewing With The Tooth And Don’t Eat Sticky Or Hard Foods

If you get hungry before you see the dentist, it’s okay to eat a meal as long as you avoid sticky, hard, and gummy foods, and you don’t chew on the side of your mouth with the loose tooth.

Chewing or putting pressure on the loose tooth could damage it further, and eating sticky or chewy foods could pull it out of your mouth completely.

Rinse The Area If You Need To Clean It – Don’t Brush The Tooth

If you have eaten a meal, or if you need to clean your mouth, don’t brush your tooth. For example, if you’ve been hit in the mouth, you may be bleeding and you may want to clean your mouth.

If this is the case, just rinse your mouth with warm water. Don’t swish or spit forcefully, either. Gently swish the water around to clean your mouth, and let it drip out of your mouth into the sink. Forceful swishing or spitting could further damage your tooth.

Get To The Dentist ASAP

Above all else, prioritize seeing a dentist in Issaquah. The proper treatment depends on your condition. If your tooth has been loosened by an oral injury, Dr. Cristescu may be able to splint it to the nearby teeth to keep it in place and allow it to heal.

If your tooth is loose due to gum disease, she may be able to clean your gums to reduce gum inflammation. For severe cases, gum surgery may be necessary to restore the health of your gums and keep the tooth in place.

Got A Loose Tooth In Issaquah? Contact Eastside Family Dentistry Today.

If you’ve got a loose tooth and you’re not sure what to do, contact Eastside Family Dentistry at (425) 391-9200 for an emergency appointment. Dr. Cristescu and our team will take great care of you, and make sure that you get the treatment you need to save your tooth.

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