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The Comprehensive Dental Implant Timeline: What to Expect

Thinking about getting a dental implant in Issaquah from Dr. Alexandra Cristescu? Not sure what you can expect from the process? The team at  Eastside Family Dentistry is happy to provide you with a complete overview of the dental implant timeline. We will help you understand what to expect if you choose to have an implant placed at our office.

Implant Consultation

Before your treatment begins, Dr. Cristescu will examine your mouth to determine if you’re a good candidate for dental implants and to begin the process of creating your implant placement plan. 

She will take images, impressions, and x-rays of your jaw, teeth, and bite, and determine if you’re a good candidate for implants. Then, she will create your placement plan. This process may take a few weeks.

(Optional) Pre-Implant Preparation Surgeries

In some cases, you may need a tooth to be extracted before your implant is placed, your jaw bone may need to be smoothed (alveoloplasty) or you might require a bone graft or sinus lift to strengthen your jaw before it is placed. These procedures must be done before your implant is placed, and it can take between 3-6 months to recover from them.

Implant Placement Surgery

Once Dr. Cristescu has completed your implant plan, you’ll come back for your implant placement. She will clean the area and numb your mouth. Then, she will create an opening in your jaw and gum, then place your implant. The area will be cleaned, treated with disinfectant and sutured shut. You’ll be sent home to rest and allow your new implant to recover.

Post-Implant Recovery & Implant Restoration Preparation

Initial healing from your implant placement will take about 7-14 days. Dr. Cristescu will provide you with a comprehensive set of instructions regarding implant care, and give you tips on how you can speed up your recovery.

It takes 3-6 months for your new implant to “osseointegrate” and permanently bond with your jaw and gums. During this time, you’ll come into our office for a few follow-up appointments. Dr. Cristescu will check your healing progress and will take impressions and images of your teeth. Then, she will begin working with a dental lab to create your implant restoration.

Abutment Placement

Usually, you’ll need to come into our office a few weeks before your permanent restoration is placed to have an “abutment” placed onto your implant. This is the piece of metal that attaches your restoration, such as a dental crown, to the implant.

Implant Restoration Placement

Once your mouth has healed completely and Dr. Cristescu has completed your implant restoration, you’ll come into our office for your final appointment. Dr. Cristescu will check the restoration to ensure that it fits properly. Finally, it will be attached to your abutment, restoring your smile and completing the implant process.

Know What to Expect When Getting a Dental Implant!

Overall, it can take anywhere from 3-12 months to have your dental implant built and placed, depending on your oral health, how quickly you recover, and whether or not you need pre-implant surgery. Ready to get started? Contact Eastside Family Dentistry now at (425) 391-9200, or stop by our office at 175 NE Gilman Blvd, Suite 101, Issaquah, WA 98027. 

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